How to Correctly Dose CBD

Nov 18 , 2018

Terrance Thibodeaux

How to Correctly Dose CBD

Determining the correct level of CBD to use can be overwhelming and confusing for many people. Thoughts of: “How much is too much” and/or “Did I take enough” soar through the minds of each beginner. Worry not, because there is no toxicity level to CBD. If more than enough was ingested, drowsiness may occur as the body begins to reap the benefits of the relaxation portion of the medicine, however, it’s not harmful.


The CBD recommended dosage chart below is a basic guideline of how many CBD milligrams are suggested per pounds of body weight. As a beginner, we recommend starting off with the lowest dosage amount and working your way up if need be.


It’s also important to note in which fashion CBD is being consumed. Some ingestion methods take longer to feel pain relief than others. Keep this in mind when dosing out the appropriate amount for your body. Just because immediate reprieve isn’t felt, doesn’t mean you didn’t take enough.






< 25 lbs.

25-45 lbs.

46 -85lbs.

86 – 150 lbs.

151-241 lbs.

> 241 lbs.









4.5 mg

6 mg

9 mg

12 mg

18 mg

22.5 mg


6 mg

9 mg

12 mg

15 mg

22.5 mg

30 mg


9 mg

12 mg

15 mg

18 mg

27 mg

45 mg

Begin at the lowest dosage amount and increase as needed. Recommended to take dosage amount twice daily for best results.


It’s easy to measure out how many milligrams of CBD are ingested when enjoying edibles, drinks, tinctures and oils. Typically, the bottle the oil comes in should clearly label the dropper per milligram; the same is said for edibles.


The more difficult way to monitor dosage is through the utilization of a vape pen. Below is a basic chart which offers the approximate milligram amount per puff. Please note that these measurements are not guaranteed. Smoking in other fashions are not dosed out or included on this chart.












second PUFF

3 second PUFF

4 second PUFF

5 second PUFF

6 second PUFF

7 second PUFF


second PUFF



1 mg

1.5 mg

2 mg

2.5 mg

3 mg

3.5 mg

4 mg

Puffs are measured in seconds: counted 1-1000, 2-1000, etc.


Not all CBD is created equal. Shop around and find the highest quality medicine available. Opting for the purest form of CBD from quality hemp plants will amp up your health benefits. Hopefully the fear has subsided and you can now confidently begin dosing yourself. Cheers to a pain free and holistic you!


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