Cannabis for Athletic Recovery

Nov 18 , 2018

Terrance Thibodeaux

Cannabis for Athletic Recovery

Cannabis as a recovery tool? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Wrong. There is no joking about it. Elite athletes have been known to use cannabis after intense training sessions and workouts to relieve pain and aid in muscle recovery.


It’s common to pop a couple ibuprofen or Aleve to ease sore muscles or general pain from over-exertion. In fact, most of us do this on auto-pilot. The danger lies in the fact that these medications can be extremely dangerous if taken regularly. Long term use of over-the-counter or even prescribed higher dosage drugs have frightening side effects and dependency where cannabis does not.


Cannabis is comprised of upwards of 80 different compounds called cannabinoids. The two that are studied and utilized the most are: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC contains psychoactive properties in which offer the “high” many associate cannabis with. CBD however, has low to no levels of THC and does not offer any psychoactive feelings which is why this compound is most used for medicinal purposes.


CBD, specifically the indica strains are ideal for athletes due to their anti-inflammatory, deeply relaxing and pain-relieving properties. There are an enormous amount of ways to consume cannabis, but specifically referring to athletes, we’d recommend some ingestion methods over others.


Here are some ways to consume:


smoking, vaping, edibles, sublingual tinctures, salves/ointments, drinks, bath balms/salts, capsules, patch


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The benefits of the bud. The help in the herb. The interest in the indica.


Pain Relief: As an analgesic, cannabis alleviates pain before, during and after training. Pain management post workout is the most utilized reason.


Inflammation: Due to constant use of muscles, athletes may experience inflammation in numerous parts of their bodies. Both CBD and THC can be used as potent anti-inflammatory agents.


Sleep & Relaxation: Getting the appropriate amount of rest and sleep throughout the evening is essential to every athlete as it aids in muscle recovery. Cannabinoids are known to have relaxing effects.


Decreasing Nausea: Hard or strenuous workouts can leave some athletes nauseous. Look no further than a vape pen. Cannabis offers antiemetic effects.


Reduction of Muscle Spasms: Causes of muscle spasms can range from dehydration, trauma, muscle strains and much more; cannabinoids are known for their antispasmodic properties.


Protection of Heart, Lung and Brain: Studies show the short-term neuroprotective effects of CBD can aid in the protection of some of your major organs as well as aiding in the treatment of concussions.


The proof is in the professionals; here are some athletes that are proud of

their recovery management tool:


Olympian - Ross Rebagliati, NFL Linebacker – Derrick Morgan,

UFC Fighter – Nate Diaz


Whether you’re an athlete or not, these benefits can quite obviously help and serve any individual out there. If Wheaties are coined “The Breakfast of Champions” and be vouched by athletic legends, so can CBD. What do you think their slogan should be?



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